Architecture and Structural Engineering

Architecture and structural engineering are at the heart of our design work. This is where creative ideas and architectural visions take shape. However, before the initial ideas and sketches are put to paper, we perform careful analyses and intensive research. We consult structural and expert engineers and incorporate their expertise into our work. This early incorporation of expert knowledge (concerning, for example, special materials, the renovation of baroque sandstone elements or reverse osmosis systems for clinics) prevents expensive correction work later and allows our architects to bring form and function into perfect harmony in every design.

To us modern architecture means knowing all the factors that influence a project and implementing the design options that make sense. In this way, structures can be created that are impressive in terms of both their appearance and content. Of course, it is people that determine architectural quality. We only talk about a building being successful if the ground plan is clear, the façade is harmonious, functionality is high and the subsequent users are happy.

Structural engineering has an important role to play here: Ultimately all other fields of business fall back on this work. Our structural engineers design constructions which alongside stability ensure usability over the entire service life, balance efficiency and aesthetics and allow subsequent conversion.

The services we provide you

  • Architecture
  • Interior design
  • Structural engineering
  • Urban planning
  • Land-use planning
  • Health and safety coordination

Your benefits 

  1. Early incorporation of expert knowledge
  2. Prevention of subsequent cost-intensive corrections

Your Contact for Architecture and Structural Engineering

Ulrich Schönfeld
phone +49 351 . 46 51 162
fax +49 351 . 46 51 628
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