Infrastructure and Environment

Our specialists in traffic and civil engineering and environmental planning are responsible for all engineering work concerning setting up and operating a safe infrastructure as well as sustainable environmental practices. Our planning services range from constructive engineering, supply and disposal media through to traffic engineering.

We perform a broad range of services such as drinking water and waste water pipes, drinking water treatment plants, sewer rehabilitation, purification plants, hydraulic engineering, general drainage plans, bridges, retaining walls, basin and container construction, concrete repair, loading and unloading mineral oil products and bulk goods, petrol depots and airports. The complex development of residential areas and commercial and industrial locations are just as much a part of our range of services as the creation of master plans and surveying services of every kind. Therefore, you would be hard pushed to find a specialist area within traffic and civil engineering in which we are not actively involved with our extensive experience. 

For more than ten years, concepts on the use of former mining areas have also formed part of our broad range of services for development and environmental planning. Here, as general planners, we take on all tasks to be completed, from the initial investigations and studies, the creation of land-use plans, landscape preservation and environmental planning to ecological construction supervision or the revitalisation of old sites. 

Abroad we work closely together with national and international partners, for example, in long-term development projects in Morocco, where the focus our project developments is on integrated water and soil management, soil re-cultivation in semi-arid areas and climate-adapted construction planning, due to the great demand for innovative planning solutions within the context of environmental change.

The services we provide for you

  • Basin and container construction
  • Bridges
  • Concrete repair
  • Development of commercial and industrial locations
  • Development of residential areas
  • Development plans
  • Drinking and waste water pipes
  • Drinking water treatment plants
  • Ecological construction supervision
  • Environmental planning
  • External installations
  • Feasibility studies
  • General drainage plans
  • Hydraulic engineering
  • Integrated water and soil management for the sustainable protection of infrastructures
  • Plant and Pipeline Engineering (Gas, District Heating)
  • Retaining walls
  • Revitalisation of old sites and former mining areas
  • Sewer rehabilitation
  • Surveying services
  • Treatment plants



Your Contact for Infrastructure and Environment

Maik Schmeichel
phone +49 30 . 63 49 93 0
fax +49 30 . 63 49 93 11
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