Special Competencies

DGNB certification

We directly combine our requirement for holistic planning with sustainable use of resources. Because even at the beginning of planning we assign a high status to the environmental optimisation of the lifecycles of future buildings and construction projects. In this way, the integrated linking of different passive and active functional elements (such as, for example, the use of regenerative energies, natural light or environmentally friendly construction materials) not only contributes to the minimisation of energy and resource consumption. It also allows a significant improvement to the overall cost-effectiveness of future buildings. The necessity to incorporate renewable energies such as photovoltaic systems, solar and geothermal energies into energetic planning concepts is accompanied worldwide by certification systems, such as the certification from the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). These certifications are used as a reference basis to assess the sustainability of future buildings.

We have set ourselves this challenge. As required by the certification systems, we take into account the required sustainability criteria in the planning process and use them as the standard for planning. Our own auditors accompany the planning phases and certify the buildings. For this DGNB certification, alongside energy efficiency, operating costs over the entire lifecycle of the building are taken into consideration. Planning, construction and operation over at least fifty years are investigated.

Fire protection

Compliance with and the implementation of fire-protection regulations is becoming increasingly important to us in the modern age, which is defined by innovative solutions, construction materials and technologies. A lack of or insufficiently planned fire-protection measures can have drastic consequences in terms of whether a construction project can be approved.
Early consultation and planning regarding fire protection for the construction and technical systems allow complex and effective fire protection measures in the interests of the user to be planned, whilst observing legal and insurance-related regulations. Using diverse software programs we can solve short-term tasks on the topic of fire protection to the complete satisfaction of our customers.
Our qualified specialist planners for preventative constructional fire protection prepare fire-protection verifications, fire-protection concepts and emergency and rescue plans for residential, commercial and special buildings of all kinds. Early consultation with our architects and specialist engineers, building contractors and fire-prevention authorities enables carefully considered and effective fire-protection solutions to be successful. The money which this saves the client is a positive side effect.
In addition to the aforementioned activities, we can provide help and support regarding the law on the environment and hazardous materials as well as the formation and set-up of construction works in accordance with the Workplace Ordinance and corresponding guidelines.
As qualified engineers with expertise in technical safety, many years of experience in planning the fire-protection aspects of construction projects as well as comprehensive expertise in fire-protection engineering, we take full responsibility for ensuring that all the measures required to incorporate technical fire-protection aspects into the design of the construction project are implemented on behalf of the client.

Barrier-free construction

Almost everyone finds it convenient to be able to access their surroundings easily and without barriers or obstacles. Anyone who has pushed a pram or simply ridden a laden bike appreciates such a barrier-free environment. A lack of barriers is a necessity for around a third of the population and an absolute necessity for about 10%, in order to be able to live life on equal terms. Today we already design almost every project for public areas to be free of barriers. We are therefore creating an environment which is favourable towards children, the elderly and the disabled, or simply people in general. 
Barrier-free construction means we take on the responsible role of designing residential buildings, homes, hospitals, schools, universities, hotels, holiday resorts, traffic routes and sporting facilities in accordance with the needs of all users. Not least, construction without barriers or the conversion of an existing building to have few barriers is an increasingly important segment of the entire construction and planning sector. With broad expertise and experience acquired over many years, we rise to these challenges.

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