Technical Equipment

So that all the technical systems and processes within a building also meet requirements, we have created the Technical equipment department. Specialist engineers implement their knowledge and experience for the functionality of electrical equipment and lighting, heating, AC and sanitary facilities as well as fire protection and security technology. In finished buildings, modern control systems record all relevant values. These ensure, for example, the economical operation of the property, control the impact on the environment associated with energy consumption and optimise the feeling of comfort in the individual rooms.

Many clients even become familiar with the benefits of innovative technical building equipment in the early planning stage. Based on comprehensive analysis and studies carried out from economic, physiological and environmental perspectives, we play a significant role in ensuring low lifecycle costs for the building. In terms of building equipment, sensible use of energy resources and the development of environmental building and system concepts come as a matter of course to us.

The services we provide for you

  • Heating engineering
  • Air-conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration engineering
  • Sprinkler and fire extinguisher engineering
  • Public health engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Building automation
  • Communication and security engineering
  • Materials handling engineering
  • Kitchen engineering
  • Swimming pool engineering

Your Contact for Technical Equipment

Raimar Kunze
phone +49 351 . 46 51 521
fax +49 351 . 46 51 750
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