We create Living Spaces

... by looking at the big picture

As architects and engineers, we create the spaces and structures in which the standard of living and the quality of life of our society proceed with structured development. Designing these habitats is our way of contributing to the future of a modern society.

We approach every project as a whole – from convincing design to consistent cost orientation.

Focusing on the big picture.

For us, it is always the big picture that is the project. It is at the core of how we think and how we work – from design to planning, from realisation to support. At the same time, looking at the big picture also means that we can clearly control the cost-effectiveness of the project – in your interest and in the interest of the end result.

We approach every project as a whole – from convincing design to consistent cost orientation.

Out of our own development grows long-term quality. This transfer of competence and knowledge flows into every project.

The big picture is all about working together.

We see the big picture by learning from and with each other – from you and your project, as well as from all the tasks we work on. With clearly harmonised interfaces and clear coordination, we facilitate a collaboration that result in smooth-running projects.

With networked planning and the latest technologies, we make buildings intelligent. This is the future, and it starts today.

IPROconsult at a glance.

    • Specialised in general planning

    • Around 350 employees consisting mostly of architects, planners and engineers

    • 14 offices in Germany

    • Offices abroad in Austria and Morocco

    • 3 business divisions: “Architecture and Structural Engineering”, “Infrastructure” and "Environment, Energy Facilities and Factories”

    • Founded in 1949 – 70th anniversary in 2019

    • Clients: public sector, institutions, industry, investors, private individuals

    Keeping an eye on the big picture.

    We look at the project as a whole: from usage scenarios (project development), foundations and infrastructures (civil engineering) to design, configuration and construction (architecture and structural planning), outfitting with all media (technical equipment) and ongoing operation of the building (facility management).

    Management team from left to right:
    Jörn Jacobs (Head of the Environment, Energy Facilities and Factories Division),
    Lutz Junge (CEO),
    Thomas Wauer (CFO),
    Maik Schmeichel (Head of the Infrastructure Division),
    Danyel Pfingsten (Head of the Architecture and Structural Engineering Division),


    Lutz Junge
    Executive Director
    phone +49 351 / 46 51 454
    Jörn Jacobs
    Executive Board, Branch Leipzig/Riesa
    phone +49 341 / 468 02 330
    Maik Schmeichel
    Executive Board, Branch Berlin/Brandenburg, Neustrelitz, Schwerin
    phone +49 30 / 63 49 93 0
    Danyel Pfingsten
    Executive Board, Architecture and Structural Engineering, Dresden
    phone +49 351 / 46 51 162
    Dr. Kerstin Hartsch
    Environmental Consulting, Dresden
    phone +49 351 / 46 51 284
    Björn Mohring
    Civil Engineering, Dresden
    phone +49 351 / 46 51 396
    Björn Griemberg
    Branch Stuttgart
    phone +49 711 / 89 66 31 581
    Heinz-Dieter Groß
    Branch Rheinland
    phone +49 2202 / 188 200 10
    Joachim Haab
    Branch Bonn, Hamburg, Rhine-Main, Stuttgart
    phone +49 611 / 17 46 36 50
    Philipp Schmidt
    Branch Sachsen-Anhalt
    phone +49 345 / 5 29 60
    Joachim Stoldt
    Branch Greifswald
    phone +49 3834 / 51 35 10
    Jörg Veitlbauer
    Branch Lausitz
    phone +49 3573 / 36 77 40
    Stephanie Milk
    Human Resources
    phone +49 351 46 51 158
    Christin Löffler
    Corporate Communications
    phone +49 351 46 51 743
    Thomas Wauer
    phone +49 351 46 51 223