Landscape Planning

We plan outdoor facilities from conception to realisation, with all internal and external specialist planners, and always process-driven at the highest level.

Jörn Jacobs
Head of the Environment, Energy Facilities and Factories Division
phone +49 341 / 468 02 330

Process-driven work at the highest level

The most important task in the development of a concept for landscape planning is linking all trades and technical planning to a homogeneous overall design while preserving the specific qualities of the site. We therefore plan projects from conception to realisation with all internal and external specialist planners and always process-driven at the highest level.

Homogeneous overall design through continuous communication

The team works on each task with an interdisciplinary approach and under constant consultation in order to achieve the best possible solution and carry out the planned projects in a way that ensures adherence to quality, cost and schedule. The field of activity of outdoor facilities is diversified and ranges from outdoor design for building projects such as schools, universities, residential buildings, administration buildings and development projects to conventional outdoor facilities.

All services from a single source

As a general planner, we take on the project planning in all the phases of your project; we take care of compensation measures and improvement of the living environment, plan outdoor facilities for educational buildings, industrial, commercial and sports facilities, take over project management and prepare feasibility studies.

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