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University of Tübingen, Germany, Reorganisation of Psychiatric Clinic

Building Owner

Vermögen- und Bau Baden-Württemberg, Amt Tübingen


Type of solution

Health Facilities


project types

New Construction

New build of inpatient building with 9 wards (geriatrics, closed and open psychiatric units)

New build of entrance hall, gates, lecture theatre, cafeteria 

Technical data:

Sanitary engineering:

Supply of wards 

Ward bathroom equipment Hygiene/disinfection 

Water softening system

Heating engineering: 

District heating distribution system Geothermal energy combined with heat pump

Ventilation and air-conditioning:

Supply air conditioning to patient rooms using heat pump and heat recovery

HVAC lecture theatre with heat recovery and integrated refrigeration 

Safety excess pressure ventilation system for fire service lift areas

Electrical engineering:

Equipment according to DIN VDE 0107 NSHV AV/SV

Connection to existing transformer station /N EA

Bus system

Lighting/blinds control 

Lighting technology/safety lighting DIN VDE 0108

Communication technology:

Fire alarm system, emergency services system 

Electro-acoustics nurse call, emergency call system, media technology in lecture theatre 

Access control, data networks, telecommunications system, active components

Building automation:

BA according to technical operating department with BMS/DDC 

Lifts - fire service, beds and small freight lifts

Site development

Construction site clearance and relocation of operation

External development for heating, sanitary facilities, electricity, FM

Connection to existing buildings

External lighting


Gross floor area: 8,918 m²

1st construction phase

Construction of beds 5,500 m² NA

Lecture theatre 1,200 m² NA

Connectors 400 m² NA

Renovation of old building

4,900 m² NA

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