Climate Protection and Adjustment

At IPROconsult, we are developing new technologies and tools, such as the erosion forecast model and long-term energy storage.

Dr. Kerstin Hartsch
Office Manager: Environmental Consulting
phone +49 351 / 46 51 284

Technologies and expertise for climate protection

At IPROconsult we are developing new technologies and tools for climate protection, such as the erosion forecast model and a long-term storage solution for energy storage technology. We are also actively involved in international development work, including concepts for climate-adapted land use.

General planner with attention to climate protection

When it comes to development and infrastructure planning, we always have a special focus on climate protection and climate adaptation measures – as a general planner, we see it as our duty to develop sustainable scenarios and resource-saving planning options at an early stage. We focus consistently on climate-relevant aspects – both in the causal relationships and synergies between specialist planning as well as through the integration of state-of-the-art technologies.

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