As a general planner, we offer all planning for complex development measures from a single source.

Jörn Jacobs
Head of the Environment, Energy Facilities and Factories Division
phone +49 341 / 468 02 330

Certified and process-oriented planning

From factory to conventional energy supply or nuclear power plant: for IPROconsult, dismantling also means general planning – only in “reverse”, to result in a cleared area. As a certified planner, we meet your needs and legal requirements by recognising dependencies, assessing them with regard to the legal approval requirements, structuring them statically and uniting them in one floor plan and time schedule.

Planning and interconnecting dismantling digitally

Intensive advance planning is required to ensure smooth dismantling We like to use a digital twin (BIM), which contains information about the volumes, masses and materials that are released. This forms the basis for approval and dismantling planning. Furthermore, it is the basis for material flow optimisation throughout the dismantling process. At present, we integrate separated processes such as stability analysis and value stream design of disassembly tasks to optimise their parameters with regard to the overall dismantling.

Vision: artificial intelligence

We are currently defining an overarching digital process chain and networking software with algorithms. The goal is to synchronise all content in such a way that the entire dismantling project is planned in advance with regard to time and cost. By developing artificial intelligence, we want to record deviations from the defined master plan in the future and take into account the resulting adjustments to the planning process.

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