Drainage Master Planning

Philipp Schmidt
Branch Manager Saxony-Anhalt
phone +49 345 / 5 29 60

Looking at complex systems in their entirety

In order to understand the interactions of the components of the sewer network and to observe developments in the disposal area, as well as consider and reconcile ecological and economic aspects, we at IPROconsult look at the sewerage networks in their entirety as part of drainage master planning.

Sustainable drainage concepts

With the help of drainage master planning, we develop sustainable drainage concepts. We take into account the hydraulic and technical dirt load requirements as well as the structural condition. We undertake hydraulic analyses by means of hydrodynamic simulation as well as pollution load calculations and structural condition assessments.

Mastering the challenges of climate change

Climate change and its local and regional impacts, such as flash floods and droughts, are creating new challenges for drainage master planning. With long-term simulations and solution-focused thinking, we also master these tasks. Many years of expertise and specialist software are our tools.

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