Energy Supply

As a general planner, IPROconsult bundles environmental protection, pipeline construction, plant construction and engineering structures in new buildings for energy supply or distribution.

Jörn Jacobs
Head of the Environment, Energy Facilities and Factories Division
phone +49 341 / 468 02 330

The manpower of a general planner

Energy supply and distribution systems usually place high demands on planning companies, because diverse expertise and complex project management are required. As a general planner, we at IPROconsult combine – among other things – the competences of environment, pipeline construction, plant engineering and civil engineering works under one roof. With extensive manpower at our disposal, we efficiently implement your new building for energy supply or distribution.

Wide range of solutions and services

Whether peak load power plant, neighbourhood development or power lines – IPROconsult offers the right solution for every field. From environmental impact assessment and the creation of zoning plans to ecological monitoring of construction and construction supervision – all the diverse services are available from one source. With us, sustainable plant engineering starts right from the first concept and continues after completion.

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