Landscape Architecture

Through town, open space and landscape planning, we bring sustainable urban development in line with recreational use and develop planning practices to support environmental protection and conservation.

Jörn Jacobs
Head of the Environment, Energy Facilities and Factories Division
phone +49 341 / 468 02 330

Open space and landscape design

As part of our role as general planner, IPROconsult takes care of all open space and landscape design for your project. We combine the requirements for the conservation of nature and landscapes, of spatial qualities and sustainable spatial development with responsible execution of the planning tasks entrusted to us.

Sustainable planning solutions

We develop sustainable planning solutions, from project idea to execution. Our holistic approach to landscape planning means that in formulating concepts and solutions for urban districts, the living environment and open spaces, we always take into consideration any applicable environmental obligations and requirements.

Tailored planning to include environmental protection and nature conservation

The most important task in developing open spaces and landscape is to gain insight into the complex structure of use for the space, the definitive landscape elements with their diverse and sensitive aspects in need of protection, the quality of the landscape and the long-term development of spaces with their local and historical reference. In our work, we develop projects, plans and sites in particular by bringing together all the trades and technical planning to form a uniform and coherent overall concept. 

Attractively designed open spaces for your project

Through our extensive portfolio of activities in urban, open space and landscape planning, we bring sustainable urban development in line with recreational use for tourism, develop process-oriented, tailor-made contributions to environmental and nature conservation planning and create attractively designed open spaces of the highest quality.

Landscape, open space and urban services

Landscape planning

  • Assessment of nature conservation potential
  • Examination in terms of compliance with species protection regulations
  • Planning of compensatory measures
  • Environmental impact assessment (EIA) and compensation planning
  • Environmental monitoring during construction
  • Environmental reports for development plans
  • Landscape envelope plans
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Natura 2000 tests
  • Landscape plans

Open space planning

  • Parks and gardens
  • Outdoor facilities for residential and administrative buildings
  • Open spaces for healthcare services buildings
  • School yards 
  • Playgrounds and sports fields
  • Streetscape design
  • Parking

Town planning

  • Studies and concepts
  • Development planning
  • Green space plans
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