Strategic Location Development

With the help of strategic location development, IPROconsult plans the long-term expansion of your company premises, industrial park and neighbourhood.

Tobias van Treek
Head of the Department of Factory Planning
phone +49 341 / 46 802 330

Shaping holistic visions with experience

With the help of strategic location development, IPROconsult analyses the available resources and develops feasible variants. We will show you areas for conversion and extension, taking into account the qualitative and quantitative relationships, for industrial sites as well as urban districts. Our methodical, transparent procedure ensures compliance with your requirements as well as with the schedule and budget plan that has been established.

Location development for industrial and commercial spaces

The future requirements are analysed for all relevant functional areas within the project framework, and the possibilities for the property are evaluated and prioritised. Together with you, we develop a holistic concept that integrates fire prevention, environmental and logistics planning as well as object planning. This reduces project risks right from the start. Your vision is rounded off with 3D visualisations that promote transparency for decision-makers.

Strategic neighbourhood development

Based on population forecasts, industrial progress and your requirements for a future cityscape, we develop a concept in which all city planning aspects are considered. To do this, we combine the competences of infrastructure, environmental and traffic planning with conventional building construction in order to take advantage of positive effects and take negative effects into consideration. By means of 3D visualisations we improve project acceptance for all participants.

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